Is peanut butter allowed in ignite?

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    andysmith  over 1 year ago by: andysmith

    Natural peanut butter (no sugar) is technically allowed. If you are trying to lose weight, use very sparingly - it has a lot of calories.

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    jorn  over 1 year ago by: jorn

    Andy's right: Most commercial/popular peanut butter is LOADED with sugars; they're pretty much a Snickers bar put through a blender.

    I'm a fan of Smart Balance. Just read the labels carefully. YMMV

    I can tell you that once you are used to eating the less sugary versions and you go back a few months later and taste Jiff/Skippy/etc., you'll find yourself saying, "Yech! I used to eat this train-wreck of sugar?"

    Oh, and friends don't let friends eat any peanut butter labelled "low fat." ;)

    • jaxschommer
      jaxschommer over 1 year ago

      Love the friends don't let friends eat peanut butter labelled "low fat". The same goes for cheese! If you really need it, it the real thing!

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    jennifercgriffin  over 1 year ago by: jennifercgriffin

    How about Jif Natural it only has 3G of sugar? Is that allowed after ignite?

    • jorn
      jorn over 1 year ago

      (Note that I'm not speaking as an "Ignite Expert," but in terms of general health. So, take my comments as you will. ;) )

      Yeah, Jiff Natural seems a lot better. That glycemic index you hear about is a real thing, so backing off on the sugars/starches and letting those good fats help you feel fuller is always a good move.

      Pigging out on anything? Not a good move. :)

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