Is soy really that bad for you?

  • I have been a vegetarian and we always use soy as a good source of protein.

    hristo   by: hristo
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    rebekkahsmith  over 1 year ago by: rebekkahsmith

    Soy is very controversial. It contains phytoestrogen, which can act like regular estrogen in some people. I am one of those people. When I eat soy, I have cramps, break out, gain weight, and have a host of female problems. However some people say it helps reduce your risk of other female problems.

    Regardless, 90+% of soy is genetically modified and contains ungodly amounts of pesticides.

    While some cultures eat a lot of soy, they don't eat it genetically modified like we do, and they always ferment the soy to make it more easily digestible, also reducing the estrogen content.

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    sleekbird  over 1 year ago by: sleekbird

    I don't eat much Soy, but I do put a bit of Organic Soymilk in my tea.

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    Flolewis  about 1 month ago by: Flolewis

    I am also vegetarian and I eat organic (non-GMO) tofu and tempah. For the purpose of Ignite challenge I am going to refrain from eating soy products during this time.

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    rebekaah  3 months ago by: rebekaah

    Monsanto has the market cornered when it comes to soy. With that said, Soy comes from GMO soy beans. If you don't mind consuming frankenfood, then have at it, but I prefer to know my food hasn't been a someones science experiment they won't even consume.

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    CarrieS  2 months ago by: CarrieS

    Soy is controversial due to the theory that it can effect hormones and such, but don't let the GMO haters get to you when it comes to whether to eat certain foods or not. There is no scientific evidence that genetically modified foods are harmful in any way, in fact, they are usually modified to produce larger, longer lasting fruits and vegetables. Most genetic modifications of fruits/veggies out there are simple forms of crossing certain breeds of plant with others to produce better fruit, which is a basic biotechnology that has been utilized for over 1000 years in farming.

    • rebekaah
      rebekaah 22 days ago

      There is plenty of evidence GMOS are not good for you. Do your home work before you pass out false information.

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