Is stevia (natural sweetener) ok to use while in the ignite phase?

  • I am unsure whether stevia is a code name for sugar. I know it is natural but so are some of the other code names listed under sugar such as agave and maple. So I would just like to clear up if stevia is in that category or if I can use it while in the Ignite phase.

    ISA7   by: ISA7
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    MissBecca  over 1 year ago by: MissBecca

    Stevia is okay to use. It is not sugar, but a plant. The leaves are naturally sweet. Hope that helps =)

    • ISA7
      ISA7 over 1 year ago

      yeah great! thanks for that :)

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    HyndeSyte2020  over 1 year ago by: HyndeSyte2020

    I just read the article about how to eat out without stressing out or feeling like you have to start Ignite over. In there it mentions carrying stevia with you to sweeten green tea or water and lemon while you are out. Although it does mention rice with salmon so who knows?

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    mythicalgriffons  over 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons

    There is a question farther back in the posts about stevia. It is allowed since it is a herb apparently.

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