Is taking flaxseed oil and fish oil redundant?

  • A family member just moved and wanted to get rid of some stuff, so he gave me a giant bottle of flaxseed oil that he hasn't touched. I already take a multi, B complex, vitamin D, and fish oil every day. Is taking the flaxseed oil going to be redundant, or will it add something to my supplement regimen?

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    sbrobin  over 3 years ago by: sbrobin

    I would advise skipping the fish oil and taking flax. Flax oil contains ALA, which the body can use to make all the other omega-3 fatty acids that it needs, including both EPA and DHA. So if you get enough ALA, you don't need to eat any additional sources of EPA and DHA. Additionally, the other advantage is that by taking ALA, the body won't ever create more EPA and DHA than it needs, so you don't have to worry about wasting it.

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    maggieleigh  over 3 years ago by: maggieleigh

    The omega-3 from the fish oil will be better utilized than the flax (EPA/DHA vs. ALA) but it probably can't hurt to add the flax in as well if you like it.

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    arnthorla  over 3 years ago by: arnthorla

    I think you should skip on the flax seed unless you are out of fish oil. So yes, its redundant.

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