Is the diet shown to me apply to hardgainers?

  • I just joined this site, and I feel like it, like most nutrition sites, is geared more to people who are trying to lose weight. I have the opposite problem, I want to gain weight. I just wanted to know if the diet shown in the nutrition section applies to those who are trying to gain weight? It seems as though it is geared to weight loss. I did put in the questionaire that i'm trying to gain weight.

    inoohu   by: inoohu
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    andysmith  over 3 years ago by: andysmith

    The approach we took in the nutrition basics is to focus on the good foods and stay away from the bad. If you are trying to gain weight, it's really a matter of quantity. Keep the quality good while increasing the quantity. (In fact, that's why we didn't put a specific size/amount on the meals - so you could use for weight loss or weight gain)

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    arnthorla  over 3 years ago by: arnthorla

    I also think that the main reason for you to get this feeling is simply because overweight is a more common problem than underweight.

    I agree overall with andysmith here. I would just like to add that some "unhealthy" products might even be more effective in adding weight. Like full fatty milk, ice cream, cookies and pastry, and so on. I advice you to try these options, but I also advice you not to loose sight of your overall health while doing so. ;)

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