Is the Ignite diet okay for someone who's underweight?

  • Hey guys, I'm 5'2 and currently 103 lbs. I'am underweight and would love to just tone my body up. I'm doing the cardio sculpt program and I was considering doing the ignite diet but I'm scared to loose more weight but I could afford to eat more healthy.

    sarahrorie   by: sarahrorie
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    sskarie  11 months ago by: sskarie

    Hi! I would believe that the ignite cleanse isn't meant to make you lose weight, but to get your body healthy. The foods it asks us to eliminate are ones that most people have sensitivities to and thus would help to transition into a healthy body.

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    AppleCore7  11 months ago by: AppleCore7

    I am no expert but I would imagine as long as your calories stay higher than what you burn off you would probably be okay. I would consult with your doctor first though to make sure they feel it's sutable for you.

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