Is their a way to motivate one's self to workout daily without thinking too hard about it?

  • I have always had trouble keeping myself motivated. I will do great for a week or so but it seems after that I fall of the horse and I cant manage to climb back on.

    rwondra   by: rwondra
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    kawaiola  over 1 year ago by: kawaiola

    I love scheduling workouts with a friend, gives me something to look forward to. Plus if I bail on a workout, I'm bailing on a friend -- can't do that! Trying new things also helps keep me motivated. It's hard to get excited about hitting the treadmill, but trying yoga or kickboxing or combat fitness are things I can get pumped about!

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    sabbatha  over 1 year ago by: sabbatha

    If I'm having a really hard time starting a workout I just tell my self I only have to do 5 minutes. Chances are if I get started with a workout I'll end up finishing. It's always the starting that is hardest. and if you really can only do 5 minutes, well then at least you did 5 minutes instead of nothing! Also changing things up so you don't get bored helps. Find something that so fun it doesn't feel like a work out. Dance Central is my obsession right now. Can't get enough of it.

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    fiztrainer  over 1 year ago by: fiztrainer

    For me ... I dug out an old picture of myself when I was in my best shape. I took a picture of it with my phone and use it as my background. Everyday I see that picture it reminds me of what I can achieve because I'm not looking at some stranger who does God knows what to get in shape, I'm looking at myself and it motivates me. I always take a few minutes before actually getting out of bed and mentally planning my workout into my day. What time am I actually going to get my workout in? I make it a priority. It works for me. Maybe it'll help you.

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    tcovey  over 1 year ago by: tcovey

    I think everyone gets to that point where they loose motivation. Whether its after the first week or at the end of the month. I know I have lost it around the second to third week. I also find if I let myself go more than two to three days without working out Ill loose my rhythem. And it throws me all off. Prepare yourself ahead of time. You're not going to want to workout all the time. There will be many days in the beginning when you wont. Write a note to urself and keep it handy, or have something around somewhere as a reminder, a promise to yourself.. that you will push through those first few weeks or days.. when you dont want to work out. Whatever works for you. So when your sitting there thinking... I dont want to work out, but I know I should. Just do it! Even if its a shorter work out just to say you did. I promise you will ALWAYS feel glad you did. And try not to go too many days without working out in a row. Like I said.. that's when you may loose it. Then you can look back and start saying.. hey I've made it for quite sometime now.. I cant stop now! This is what has helped me. I hope it helps you good luck!

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    Aoi  over 1 year ago by: Aoi

    I'm a young athlete and even though I love to play basketball and workout at practice, I too sometimes lose motivation to complete exercises outside of practice. But I am also very competitive so working out with a close friend who can push me will keep me going all day if I have to. Plus it can also be fun when you're caring on a conversation about random stuff. Also during times that I can't workout with a teammate I workout with my mom to help her stay healthy. Motivating her to keep working is what keeps me going. And at times that I workout alone I listen to music that has a nice fun beat, focusing on the music as I workout puts me in a trance and before I know it I'm done. If you keep the song on repeat you won't notice how long you've been working out. These are a few songs that I like to listen to as I do my workouts: Uprising by Muse, Who's that chick by Rihanna, Sex & I know it by LMFAO, Give me everything by Pitbull ft Ne-yo, Good Vibrations by Marky Mark, Jump on my shoulders by Awolnation, Loud by Mac Miller, Work hard Play hard by Wiz Khalifa, and Turn up the music by Chris Brown. Or just wanting to be a healthy, fitter, you can be all the motivation. Sorry this is so much information. Good luck and Godspeed.

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    Vertigirl  over 1 year ago by: Vertigirl

    Be a Star by creating a visual cue on a workout calendar. Place a calendar in a high traffic area and every month write in your workout with a set time like you would a doctors appointment. (M, W, F from 7-8am for example)
    Plan ahead for tight scheduling or scheduling changes that may arise before they happen-reschedule as needed but keep your appointments! For each workout you complete, put a large, colorful symbol (I like a big, red Sharpie star) and watch your accomplishments add up! When your stars start to disappear, reexamine your planning or what lifestyle changes are creating challenges and address.
    It takes less than 5 minutes the beginning of every month to schedule your workout appointments and only seconds after your workout to make the gratifying swipe with your marker!

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    sarkrauss  over 1 year ago by: sarkrauss

    Sign up for a road race sometime in the not too distant future and find a training plan that you think you can stick to. Having a race on the calendar is a huge motivator for me. If I don't train, I won't perform well on race day. If I do stick to the plan, I meet my goals and have a lot of fun crossing the finish line. When I'm done with one race, the first thing I want to do is sign up for the next one. It's an awesomely vicious cycle that I just can't break!

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    bejay01  over 1 year ago by: bejay01

    If you have an ideal weight you want to achieve for motivation i would place that outfit (jeans or bikini) in a visual spot to motivate me to workout at my very best level . That marathon you've been wanting to try but hesitant, so pick a goal believe it and you will achieve it. To your health and safety.

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    Lilyanne  over 1 year ago by: Lilyanne

    I am just starting trying to lose weight and get healthy. I've tried a couple times in the past, but didn't stick with it. I'm a writer, I keep a journal in my daily life, and I'm finding the journal invaluable in keeping motivated. I write down how good I feel after I do a workout, which one it is, and anything else interesting about it. When a friend mentioned it looked like I'd lost weight, that went in the journal! I am very overweight (being completely honest with you) and I may see little results like fitting an old pair of jeans sooner than someone who just needs to tone up. But the principle is the same. You don't need a full on diary, just jot down a note on how good you feel when those endorphins are kicking in!
    When you're starting to think "Hmm, I really don't want to get sweaty and gross today" or "I don't have time to work out!" read some of those notes. And if you do slip? Don't beat yourself up! Just start again when you can.

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    story1029  over 1 year ago by: story1029

    What works for me is putting my workout clothes on with shoes as soon as I hop out of bed. For some reason this makes me feel ready to go. The longer I poke around I more likely I am to not workout.

    • antidiva
      antidiva over 1 year ago

      That's funny, I do something similar. I don't necessarily put the workout clothes on immediately after waking up, but if I'm feeling sluggish and unmotivated, I will put them on and I have this Pavlovian response where I really want to do active things, and even if I don't do an official workout, I start getting more active around the house. It's become instinctual at this point. I personally find it helps to have work out outfits that I really like and feel good in, too, as that makes a difference for me.

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    alc554  over 1 year ago by: alc554

    I have the same problem, rwondra. Every time a get a fibro-flare it gets harder to get back on track. I just keep reminding myself of the reason why I started getting healthy and that sets me back on track. My health is important and I have a lot to accomplish before my body gives out on me.

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    symmie  over 1 year ago by: symmie

    This morning I woke up so completely exhausted and wanting to sleep more (its a stress response) and even though I knew the workout would wake me up and relieve stress I was dragging my feet. I semi enjoyed the workout but not much. I had to fight through it. But what got me to the workout is I know that I have been not doing as well lately. So I weighed myself and seeing the number on the scale made me realize if I didn't keep this butt moving it was just going to grow more and more. Its funny but positive doesn't always motivate me. If I see how well I am doing I think I deserve a break. But if I think I am going to grow out of my clothes I am more likely not to take a break.

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    babygirl16878  about 1 year ago by: babygirl16878

    I have lived the roller coaster of working out for many years and just recently started to get somewhere. I started with something that I really liked. I like to dance and my boss had just started attending a Zumba class after work and invited me to go (at this point I didn't know what Zumba was) but I agreed. I loved Zumba and also purchased Hip Hop Abs. The workouts were fun and I didn't feel like I was really working out. Then I decided I wanted to pump up my results so I got some Tae Bo (one of my favorites) and Jillian Micheals DVDs. These workouts were not exactly my idea of fun and it took every ounce of motivation I had to even do them but suprisingly once I finished an entire workout I felt like I could take on the world if I could do that. So when I get discouraged I try to remember how great I felt after the last workout. I make consistent dates and times to workout. Every Saturday I set my workout schedule for the following week and they are appointments I can not miss. Another thing that works is putting on some good dance music . Once I hear it for a little while I just want to get up and move. One other thing that may sound silly. I have a sticky note on my bathroom mirror that says "You create your own destiny". Every morning I get up and go to the bathroom and see that note it reminds me that I am the only one that can make my body change! So good luck with your roller coaster! If at first you don't have motivation shoot for determination instead!

    • babygirl16878
      babygirl16878 about 1 year ago

      And if I knew this website existed before I bought all those different DVD's I would have been here instead :)

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    sld21  12 months ago by: sld21

    The problem is thinking and waiting too long to workout. Just get up and go, don't think just DO. You can always find a reason to talk yourself out of a workout if you think about it long enough. Also if you wait until the end of the day your chances that you will get a workout done are slim. UNLESS this is the time of day that really works for you, everyone's different. Most people are better off waking up, putting on workout clothes and taking care of business, great start to the day. Also keep in mind that a 60 min workout is only a tiny 4% of your entire day, and you never regret a workout but you'll most likely regret skipping one :)

    Steph D- Personal Trainer

    • juju
      juju 12 months ago

      I try not to procrastinate for too long in the mornings, especially on weekends, the longer I put it off the more likely I am to skip it. My goal is 5 workouts a week, I keep a printed calender of my workout schedule and check off the workouts as I do them and I've found recently that I can't find an excuse for not working out that convinces me not to, and believe me I've tried. My greatest motivator, though, is my husband. Once I tell him I have to work out, then I don't want to not do it and look like a quitter. Especially as he is so proud of me for sticking with it and the results are starting to show.

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    HelBel  7 months ago by: HelBel

    On an every day basis--
    I have a printout of my workout calendar with the video titles on it. It kills me to not put a star over a day, so I end up doing it.
    When I just don't feel it--
    I make myself put on workout clothes and shoes, play the video and stand there. I don't allow myself to sit, giving me two options-- stand there pointlessly for the duration, or do the work... even if I just follow the modifier.

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    juju  over 1 year ago by: juju

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    jaimemurilloar  about 1 year ago by: jaimemurilloar

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    keairal  about 1 year ago by: keairal

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    mashapic  over 1 year ago by: mashapic

    do it because you need to not because you want to

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