Is their a way to motivate one's self to workout daily without thinking too hard about it?

  • I have always had trouble keeping myself motivated. I will do great for a week or so but it seems after that I fall of the horse and I cant manage to climb back on.

    rwondra   by: rwondra
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    fiztrainer  over 2 years ago by: fiztrainer

    For me ... I dug out an old picture of myself when I was in my best shape. I took a picture of it with my phone and use it as my background. Everyday I see that picture it reminds me of what I can achieve because I'm not looking at some stranger who does God knows what to get in shape, I'm looking at myself and it motivates me. I always take a few minutes before actually getting out of bed and mentally planning my workout into my day. What time am I actually going to get my workout in? I make it a priority. It works for me. Maybe it'll help you.

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    HelBel  over 1 year ago by: HelBel

    On an every day basis--
    I have a printout of my workout calendar with the video titles on it. It kills me to not put a star over a day, so I end up doing it.
    When I just don't feel it--
    I make myself put on workout clothes and shoes, play the video and stand there. I don't allow myself to sit, giving me two options-- stand there pointlessly for the duration, or do the work... even if I just follow the modifier.

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    juju  over 2 years ago by: juju

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    keairal  over 2 years ago by: keairal

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    mashapic  over 2 years ago by: mashapic

    do it because you need to not because you want to

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