Is there a breakfast option when it is a cold wintery morning and you really want something warm?

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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    Are you on the Ignite program? If you are, the shake is a part of the program. If you are not following Ignite but you are trying to eliminate the evil 6 foods from your diet, eggs are an awesome breakfast! Make up a quick egg and chopped veggie scramble and that will keep you satisfied and full of energy until lunchtime.

    • mariahmilan
      mariahmilan over 1 year ago

      Have your shake later in the day - Eggs and a protein are great with some veggies. I love to warm slices of tomato and put eggs on top.

    • hcreel
      hcreel over 1 year ago

      On Ignite, is it okay to have the shake later in the day, and eat an egg for breakfast once and a while? I really like that idea! ... I have trouble with cold mornings too!

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