Is there a caloric range to aim for in a morning shake? And how large should it be; 2 cups or more or less? I'm clueless.

  • I have bought a Nutri Bullet and have never used it, so I'm new at this.

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    anjag  6 months ago by: anjag

    Under 300 calories is a good place to aim for for a morning shake. Be careful by adding ingredients that can start to make that great protein shake look more like a milk shake in calories!

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    JuneRhythm1985  6 months ago by: JuneRhythm1985

    I usually aim for between 375-475 calories for a shake in the morning. What you want is to not go over the usual amount of calories you consume if you were having a bowl of cereal, eggs, etc. And you don't want to have too few calories either so that's the range I usually go for. I think 2 cups is pretty average for a shake in the morning. I just follow a recipe and drink until I feel full. Sometimes it's the entire shake and sometimes it's less. Hope that helps!

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      JuneRhythm1985 6 months ago

      I really just think it depends person to person. For me, if I don't have a decent amount of calories in the morning I'm more prone to feeling tired during the day and hungrier sooner. I'm also more prone to snacking if I don't start my day with a decent amount of calories. Regardless of how much protein I've had.I can still hit my target calories of between 1500-1750 a day, even without using my "reserves" from working out with a higher caloric shake. Listen to your body and if you feel good with less or around 300 calories, great! I'm just not one that can do that. And very rarely do I have a shake above 400 calories, but some mornings I just need that little extra if my 10 month old has kept me up and I know I'm in for a long day. :)

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