Is there a cheap alternative to the FitBit?

  • I'd love to have a Fitbit to track my movements, sleep, heart rate, calories burned etc., but it's just not something I can afford. I even looked into various watches, but still no luck as far as something affordable. So does anyone know of a [way] cheaper alternative or perhaps a way I can use my iPhone 5c to accomplish the same thing?

    Adina   by: Adina
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    missdarcy123  about 1 year ago by: missdarcy123

    I have a Fitbit flex and while I like it, I wouldn't say it's amazing. The sleep tracking on the flex isn't as informative as you might think and it doesn't measure heart rate (I don't think the force did either, but they recalled that one). You can easily get a pedometer that tracks steps and calories for $15, maybe less.

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