Is there a cheaper alternative to the DailyBurnFuel?

  • I would love to use this product, but it is a bit out of my price range. I would love any suggestions anyone has!!

    loserreb000   by: loserreb000
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    sk0rncobra  6 months ago by: sk0rncobra

    Yes! I found a vegan protein powder called plant fuel on amazon. It $18 for a lb and $30 for 2 lb. No soy, no gluten, made from peas like daily burn fuel. It's worked wonderfully as a substitute.

    • lhcaster
      lhcaster 6 months ago

      Here is a link to the kind I found on amazon, I think it is either the same thing or very similar to the plant fuel mentioned in the above post. It is the same price.

    • lablover42
      lablover42 4 months ago

      Right now the plant fuel on Amazon is only available in chocolate. I was thinking about getting the Garden of Life Raw Meal Vanilla and wondered if you still use 2 scoops for the shake recipes designed for Daily Fuel. (Which has been discontinued.)

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    kathybee  4 months ago by: kathybee

    Plant fusion from my local health food store is great although it has 4g of sugar per scoop. None of the remaining "Evil 6" in Plant fusion. Hope I haven't gone off track using it. Does anyone else use this?

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