Is there a questionaire for intelliburn?

  • How does intelliburn work? I signed up for it since it said it was "tailored towards your specific needs", when I first tried DB, but there was no questionnaire, so I didn't understand how it worked. Since then I have doneCardio Sculpt and Total Cardio, should I try Intelliburn, or go straight to Inferno? The Total Cardio workouts are challenging, but not impossible. Any thoughts?

    surfinggrrrl   by: surfinggrrrl
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    TheodoraDailyBurn  about 1 month ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    It uses an algorithm to choose the following day's workout for you. It uses your gender, age, and your progress during the current day's workout to decide the following day's workout.

    • gamerdarling
      gamerdarling 23 days ago

      Agreed. Though the HRM could be an optional piece of the algorithm.

      Oh, and they probably also include info about whether or not you did an additional workout that day too, though I would assume that would also be subject to some confounding errors(like maybe you do the yoga workout every day to wind down before bed, or went to the gym with a friend).

    • GalacticHero
      GalacticHero 23 days ago

      Could be problematic since if I'm thinking about doing an extra workout using the Discover feature I often watch the whole thing through once first :D

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