Is there a "science" to the order of the work-outs in the Cardio Sculpt?

  • I do not do the program every day because 3 days a week I run. So I do three days of Cardio Sculpt but I don't know if I should just work through the programs in order regardless of what day the calendar says it is or do the program suggested for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday which are the days I do the Daily Burn.

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    Scootie08  11 months ago by: Scootie08

    I don't think there is a particular "science." The programs are spread out nicely so that your body and muscles are able to rest and recover. For example: cardio and sculpting one day, then BHT, then abs. I'm not an employee for DailyBurn, but I have a lot of background in health and wellness. Regardless of how you plan out your workouts, I would just make sure you are giving your body plenty of rest.

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      cmerchasin 10 months ago

      Thank you!

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