Is there a way for my wife and I to keep our workout progress separate when sharing a Roku?

  • When using the Roku to view the exercises, I am prompted to enter my current weight, reps, etc. during workouts. I would like to keep that info and the points I earn separate from my wife's Daily Burn account, but I used my account to activate the Roku. Is that a possibility?

    SlimGalin   by: SlimGalin
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    Anthony  over 2 years ago by: Anthony

    Each DailyBurn account is set up to handle 1 user's stats (challenge results, weight, etc.) In order for 2 users to have separate data, you would need to have a second account or else all of the entered stats would be mixed together under the 1 account.

    • urangelbaby2008
      urangelbaby2008 10 months ago

      can you use one dailyburn account on 2 diffrent roku's? and still collect the points and calories? Im asking because my boyfriend got a roku and i can workout but does not seem like it is giving me my points, but on my roku at my house it works just fine.

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