Is there a way to have multiples programs running simultaneously (i.e. Daily Burn 15, Yoga and Recover)?

  • I think it would be a great experience for people to be able to have multiple programs running simultaneously. For instance, the Daily Burn 15 is great in the mornings and Recover could be great in the evenings and both programs running simultaneously would be awesome for tracking.

    Adesignerd   by: Adesignerd
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    Jeffandailyburn  11 months ago by: Jeffandailyburn

    Go to our Discover/Library section of the site. You can find the link along the top of your workouts homepage. From here you have access to our entire library of video workouts. You can only do one program at one time since each program has their own set schedule of workouts.

    • Jeffandailyburn
      Jeffandailyburn 10 months ago

      Yea sorry, you cannot do multiple programs simultaneously and the only method to do more then one program is to use our discover feature.

    • Adesignerd
      Adesignerd 10 months ago

      That's not really a solution to my question. But, thanks.

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