Is there a way to see what equipment is needed for each program?

  • I'm in True Beginner now and was able to see by going to each workout that the only equipment I'll need is a yoga mat and a chair. These I already have. It would be great to be able to see a list of required/suggested equipment for each program on the program page so that you can plan ahead. If this exists, I'd love some direction on how to access it.

    knitterofknowledge   by: knitterofknowledge
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    krissoleil  10 months ago by: krissoleil

    I agree! If you go to programs and select your program, it does have icons that I think explain what you need for the entire program, but there's no diagram that I could see that explains what each of those icons mean!

    • kpriva1
      kpriva1 10 months ago

      Go to the Discovery page, then you can select a program and see which equipment you need without starting a new program.

    • knitterofknowledge
      knitterofknowledge 10 months ago

      Right, but the problem seems to be that you have to select the program, which stops your current program. For example, if I'm on the last week of True Beginner and would like to start Cardio Sculpt the next week, I can't see what equipment is needed for Cardio Sculpt until I start it. So if there is some piece of equipment that I don't have that means I have to take a break. Again, if I'm just missing something, great!

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    captainjca  10 months ago by: captainjca

    I certainly don't have an answer, but I could not agree more. Seems like a design flaw.....

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