Is there a way to skip the 21 day cleanse and go straight to the after part?

  • I have had issues with my gallbladder in the past and it is strongly encouraged to avoid cleanses, detoxes, fasts, ect. I have done many elimination diets in the past and I'm already aware of which foods bother me and which don't. I'm already following a healthy eating plan similar the 2nd part of the ignite program. I wanted to see if there was a way that I could start the program but skip the 21 day part. If not I might just go through the motions but I want it to be worth my while and as beneficial for me as possible. Thanks!

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    andysmith  over 2 years ago by: andysmith

    Thanks for the question. At this point, the main premise of the diet is to do Ignite before balance so we do not yet have a way to skip ahead.

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