Is there any reason not to eat oatmeal on ignite?

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    rhaden  over 2 years ago by: rhaden

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    • andysmith
      andysmith 10 months ago

      You don't have to avoid grains all together. Quinoa, for example, is allowed on Ignite.

      Oats are allowed, but you need to be careful. A lot of oats are cross contaminated with gluten. If you are sure the oats don't have gluten then they are safe for Ignite.

    • rhaden
      rhaden 10 months ago

      I'd like to know that, too. Oats don't contain gluten, so eating plain oats (not instant oat cereals or multigrain bread) seems as though it would not be "evil." However, I saw oats listed as a code word for gluten. Are we supposed to avoid grains generally?

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