Is there anything else I can do to help me be prepared for my ten mile race in three weeks other than yoga, weight training, and running?

  • I've been running 5 K's since last March and did the Soilder Field ten mile last year and felt so tired and sore afterwards. I really would like to not feel this way, so I am looking for any advice on what else I can do to prepare myself. Thanks.

    kewirth   by: kewirth
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    princesabalula  about 1 year ago by: princesabalula

    I would def. do the inferno workout. You need something intense that is gonna challenge you to the max because that is what you are going to be encountering in your race.
    Pushing past your limits is the key.

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    slz203  about 1 year ago by: slz203

    I think with three weeks out you should just focus on remaining injury free, getting sleep, proper nutrition, etc. Don't expect any crazy differences in you energy level or performance at this point. Just stick to your training plan, be consistent, visualize the course, think positivie!

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