Is there anyway to bypass the posting of a picture on the food blog?

  • I would prefer to just describe what I ate rather than take photos to post to my blog. I can't get the app on my phone so taking pictures and uploading them to the site is time consuming. It won't let me continue though without posting a picture.

    Lauryl   by: Lauryl
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    RWinzer  over 1 year ago by: RWinzer

    I agree - if I don't remember to take a picture, I generally just look up the food on google and save off a picture from any recipe / image that is close to what I had. :) But I agree - it would be nice to just describe and use a default image if we don't want to picture log.

    • Lauryl
      Lauryl 10 months ago

      Thanks for responding. I did hear back from them and was told there is no way to move forward without a picture. He mentioned what you say about uploading any photo to fill the spot.

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