Is there anyway to track these workouts in Daily Burn Tracker?

  • I love the tracker...for tracking my nutrition. I wish these apps were combined. I type in my weight and show that I did this workout, I would love to see that added to my tracker workout progress. Or at least be able on Tracker to do a search for "Cody Tabata" class and log it simply.

    Any ideas?

    RWinzer   by: RWinzer
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    Jewlzm  about 2 years ago by: Jewlzm

    I made my own workout favorite listed as Daily Burn and just put in the amount of calories that it states I burned. Just an option.

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    littlekdog  about 2 years ago by: littlekdog

    ugh I agree. its frustrating to have to make up these exercises on the tracker when they should at least be in their data base already. I have contacted them on this but they are 2 different programs which do not communicate. Maybe in the future this can be done?

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    buckry  about 2 years ago by: buckry

    Yeah, I just do one of their free workout plans and adjust the calories each time I do a video until it matches. Stupid to have to do that, but I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter what you do and what you say you do as long as you are doing something.

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    andysmith  about 2 years ago by: andysmith

    We don't have any immediate plans to link the two, but I am interested to see how you would want to use it.

    Are you simply wanting a combined view so that you can see the calories burned on the video workouts and the calories consumed using the nutrition/food tracking tools of tracker?

    • MKMBeaulieu
      MKMBeaulieu about 2 years ago

      I am using the "advanced" formula on the nutrition tracker, which automatically adjusts diet goals based on activity, so tracking workouts and activity is a must. To get an accurate picture of my total overall fitness (nutrition and activity) I have to enter individual exercises into the workout log to get as close to the calories the new daily burn says I have expended as possible. (Essentially, guessing). It's an annoying game. If the systems don't/can't automatically snyc for us, at least the workouts could be listed in the activity database for us to quickly find and enter into our logs. (Please!) :-)

    • sensmin2001
      sensmin2001 over 1 year ago

      I joined the new one first. I find it annoying that it doesn't seem to have any tracker, so if you don't do the video, then you can't track your exercise (without using a separate tracker).
      I'll try the videos for the 30 days and then decide if I want to keep it despite there being no tracker.

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