Is this program sustainable for someone frequently on the road, eating out regularly?

  • I spend a great deal of time traveling for work. Most of my snacks/meals are on the go. Generally, I have fairly good self control, so I'm not so worried about that. I'm really curious as to whether or not there are enough options when you may not be able to pick a healthier chain (if the customer wants wings, wings it is). Anyone in this same position, and has had success? The workouts are great, as you can take them with you, and switch it to body weight stuff if you don't have access to your weights/kettlebells, and I'm hoping that the diet is as "portable".

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    RedcrossReborn  about 1 year ago by: RedcrossReborn

    Yes! On Tim Ferris website, he talks about the "slow-carb" diet which has some similarities to the Ignite nutrition plan. Though they are some difference (for example he allows soy sauce but doesn't allow brown rice, quinoa, or sweet potatoes). Anyway, he discuss how he travels/eat around the world and is always able to eat per his plan. The article is here:

    The key is getting meat/veggie/beans then making sure the "Evil 6" isn't tainting any of the three. Good luck!

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