Is Truvia an allowable sweetener on Ignite? And why is honey disallowed?

  • Really don't want to give up my coffee, but have always taken it w a TON of sugar and coffee mate. So good. I am looking foe a replacement and didn't see Truvia on the list of evil artificial sweeteners. And why no honey? It's a natural sugar, right? My second option if I had to give up coffee was to go to Earl Gray w honey. Y'all are killing me. ;(

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    erinkking  12 months ago by: erinkking

    I am a huge coffee addict. I feel your pain. I now drink coffee black because of Ignite. I weaned myself off the cream and sugar. First, I used an alternative creamer like coconut creamer then started putting half the sugar I normally put in, then, I eventually stopped putting sugar in, then I weaned myself off the creamer. As far as your question, I use Truvia. I don't think it is banned because stevia is a sweetener they use in the Dailyburn Fuel (the protein powder they advertise). The ingredient I am not sure about is the erythritol which is in Truvia along with stevia.

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    katosphere  11 months ago by: katosphere

    I recently discovered that plain coconut cream (the kind that comes in a can, next to the coconut milk in the store) is really freakin' good in coffee, and is kind of sweet. For me it's better than any of the cream/sugar stuff I used to do. I really dislike the taste of stevia, but I think the deal with it in general is that it doesn't cause a blood sugar spike like most sweeteners, including honey, agave nectar etc. Most sweeteners are made from "natural plants" so this strikes me as a weird argument in itself.

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