Is using honey in my coffee okay?

  • I usually sweeten my coffee in the morning with a teaspoon of pure honey. Is it alright to continue doing this while on Ignite, or should I nix the honey altogether?

    flyingpastamonsterx   by: flyingpastamonsterx
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    smacky311  about 1 year ago by: smacky311

    According to the Ignite Quickstart Guide page 5 honey should be removed:

    "Don’t eat anything with over 10g of added sugar per serving. Beware
    of sauces (they often have sugar). Added sugar hides in food in many
    ways: high fructose corn syrup, honey [...]"

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    LunaDawn  about 1 year ago by: LunaDawn

    Personally I say that's fine. If you feel a craving for sugar daily, honey is better option then processed sugar or sweetners. Honey is definitely the healthier option. It's about personal choices when going on your journey for a healthier life. Your going to get the pros and cons; good and bad; pure and evil; reasons of why should or shouldn't do something or eat something.

    Like you I need to sweeten my coffee. I've cut back to a 12 oz cup at the gas station. I do half cappachino and have decaf coffee. I do 16 oz on the weekends as a treat. Besides your only doing about a teaspoon... not like your using 2 tablespoons of white sugar.

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