Is vitamin water Ignite approved? If not what do you recommend drinking instead.

  • I do drink water lots and lots of it but i just really like vitamin water and drinking it. And ideas on tasty subsitutes. or am i in the clear for drinking it ?

    sknueppe   by: sknueppe
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    begregoi  6 months ago by: begregoi

    I like sobe lifewater for a sweet drink, all naturally sweetened and tastes good.

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    missdarcy123  6 months ago by: missdarcy123

    Vitamin water has a lot of sugar, about 30g per bottle. That's way too much to count as not having added sugar. And Vitamin water zero has artificial sweeteners. You should try to find something with less than 10g of sugar to drink. Or even better, try tea, coffee, or water.

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    caseycatherine  6 months ago by: caseycatherine

    You can make yours own "vitamin water!" Just google "natural alternatives to vitamin water" and you'll see tons of options. Basically you just pick whatever fruits and veggies you want (my favorite is cucumber lemon), put them in a bottle with water, and let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours (the longer you let it sit there, the stronger the flavor will be.) Then the waters ready to drink! Its not nearly as sweet as artifical flavored drinks and drinks with added sugar, but its super healthy, and the more you drink it the more you get used to it. I used to LOVE Vitamin Water, and now I never buy it (or even crave it.) Hope this helped!

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