Just joined, feeling a little lame...anyone else feel this way?

  • Not because I joined, but because I sucked at every single workout. I do workout on my own, but I guess my pace is a lot slower than a standard class. Anyone else feel that way?

    anarchyfaith   by: anarchyfaith
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    jnoire  6 months ago by: jnoire

    Don't worry! It gets better! You should be proud of yourself for starting on this journey! Be gentle with yourself. You will get better each day. I just started on Daily Burn too. I am using the True Beginner program. I started out a mess and now on Day 11, my endurance, strength, and stamina has grown. It happened little by little each day. Now I can climb the stairs to my 4th floor apartment without feeling overly winded. I can breathe and sleep better too.

    Try starting with True Beginner and know that each workout that you do will bring you closer to your goal. Baby steps. All the best.

    • lesley
      lesley 5 months ago

      I like the slow pace. I can keep up!!!

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    Anthony  6 months ago by: Anthony

    @anarchyfaith This is 100% normal at the beginning. If you were great at each workout at the beginning then that would mean we aren't doing our job -- these workouts are designed to make you do movements that your body is not used to. So yes, it will be tough at first. The most important part is not to let that discourage you and stick with it.

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    anarchyfaith  5 months ago by: anarchyfaith

    Everyone on here is so supportive! Thank you all so much, I feel much better even after just three days, partially thanks to you all! Thank you so much!

    • Gwenelyn
      Gwenelyn 5 months ago

      Continue to take it one day at a time. True beginners is a great starting place. I just started a week ago with true beginners and I feel great. I love that program. I feel so good after a workout. You will be fine, just don't over do it. Slow but go.

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    doribork  6 months ago by: doribork

    Trust me, most of us probably feel the same way. I have trouble finishing the workouts and keeping up. The most important thing to do is to keep it up. Everyday you will notice yourself getting a little stronger. Any thing you are able to do is better than doing nothing. It's like learning anything new. Cut yourself some slack and be proud of yourself for working on making you the best you! By the end of 90 days you are going to feel like a pro.

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    papercut2k  6 months ago by: papercut2k

    Yeah, I do. I guess you have to be patient with yourself. The thing is the people in workout videos are physically fit people. Me not so much, so it's difficult to keep pace no matter how hard I try. Also, I'm not very coordinated, so moves requiring arms and legs to work unison, throw me for a loop. It is frustrating when I have to take more breaks than whatever is prescribed in the video, The way I see it, I'll get there eventually if I keep trying and so will you if you keep at it. :)

    • lesley
      lesley 5 months ago

      that so true. I'm on 6 weeks now and I have stuck to it .at least 5 days a week.

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    shaeon  5 months ago by: shaeon

    Keep it up anarchyfaith! I felt a little put out that I was started off with True Beginner - I'm not in great shape but I had done a lot of exercise over the past year on my own. Soon after starting, I changed my tune. It was challenging and depending on the exercise, I often have to go somewhat slower than the instructor. But my balance and stability are MUCH better after just a few weeks. I can feel added strength already, especially in my legs. It made me realize that the exercise I was doing on my own just wasn't enough, and I really did need a guided program. So don't get discouraged! It's not about being perfect!

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    QueenB87  6 months ago by: QueenB87

    I really enjoy the beginner program because you do get to see a variety of people in all stages of their fitness levels. Maybe try starting a little lower? Either way totally normal, I am on beginner stage and feel it everyday but that's the point! Don't be discouraged we all have to start somewhere.

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    anjag  6 months ago by: anjag

    DOn't feel lame!!! It will take time to get used to things... and we all feel funky when we are first starting. But you can do it. Just stick with it, at your pace! You will get stronger and more confident at it!

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    willywalter  6 months ago by: willywalter

    Keep up the great work anarchyfaith! :)

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    peaches15390  6 months ago by: peaches15390

    I recently had a baby and I do feel the same way I just try and keep up, and try and beat the number of reps I've done previously. don't get discouraged just keep it up. and for the exercises I can't really do I try to do a modified version

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    absers  6 months ago by: absers

    About five years ago, I was able to be a lot more active, and constantly push myself to be better. But, I have sustained a lot of ongoing back injuries that really hamper my ability to workout. So, I just switched to the True Beginner program because I had to come to the conclusion, that I could hardly finish any of the regular workouts yet, and my back almost always ended up hurting. So, I am using the True Beginner as a warm up. And I feel WAY better about myself because, I can actually push myself with those workouts; building up my stamina and my confidence.

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    JoeyP  5 months ago by: JoeyP

    Never feel lame .... It would be lame not to attempt the class
    So you don't finish a set or you can't finish a class
    as long as you are sweating and breathing hard you are doing what you need to

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    MaudG  5 months ago by: MaudG

    I was feeling the same way (still do, a bit), but then I started using the pause and rewind buttons. I watch the demonstration of the exercise, pause the video, make sure that I'm doing it correctly, then practice at my own pace. Then I click play again. I use the rewind to re-watch the demonstrations.

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    brandiep1982  2 months ago by: brandiep1982

    LOL I'm right there with you! But you know? That makes it fun! Bc that leaves plenty of room to see improvement! I keep a log so that a couple months from now I can look back and remember how much I was struggling and how much I have improved! For me, that is so much more rewarding than a scale or a measuring tape!! :)

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    nalgasfirmes  18 days ago by: nalgasfirmes

    lol, dont give up!! I feel like that too, I been running and working out on my on but still lose my breath every work during the first 20 minutes... WE WILL GET BETTER PERSISTENCE!!!

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