Just started Ignite and after eating a meal, I'm hungry an hour later. Should I be eating more?

  • I'm following the Ignite recipes and find my stomach is grumbling an hour or two after eating. Seems like I'll be eating too much food?

    scosgray   by: scosgray
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    evammentorp  about 2 years ago by: evammentorp

    The most important thing to do is not eat the Evil 6. If you get hungry again, make sure that you are actually hungry and not just thinking you are, or having an upset stomach or something. The more important thing for Ignite is quality of the food you are eating, not necessarily quantity. Thus, you are allowed to have snacks. I often turn to an apple or something like that as a snack.

    • j4peace
      j4peace 10 months ago

      Agreed! I have focused on avoiding the Evil 6, but eating every time I feel hungry.

    • kaseyc1988
      kaseyc1988 10 months ago

      An apple with almond butter is delicious! I always have chicken on hand too... I have been on Ignite and eating when I feel hungry (which is a lot since I have been working out a lot) and am losing weight.

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    SAB42  about 2 years ago by: SAB42

    Make sure your getting enough protein in your diet. When I skimp, I get hungry.

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