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  • Can anyone tell me if the KB workout involves using one KB at a time? Also, would love to hear what weights the ladies are using. I did Crossfit before moving and was used to swinging some heavy weight, but realize this is 50 min of straight KB work. Need to go KB shopping so hoping to choose my equipment wisely. So excited!

    lkseegers   by: lkseegers
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    bradlkm  over 1 year ago by: bradlkm

    The KB workout exercises are all using one KB, with one exception in KB 6 (and that exercise had a modifier for a single KB).

    My wife uses a 15 lb KB, but she is rather petite. Keep in mind that the KB part of the workout is only 20 minutes, so adjust your weight accordingly!

    • lkseegers
      lkseegers over 1 year ago

      Thank you, that helps!

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