Leaving - But first a thought

  • I've decided to leave Daily Burn. It is a great site and I have almost no problems with it, but I have started a different fitness regimen and no longer have need of it.

    But before I go, a thought that maybe someone with power over the structure of the site will see and pass on: I do sometimes like to do single videos to add something different, but I don't do it often enough anymore to pay $10 a month. I would be more than willing to pay a single fee every time I, as a nonmember, would use a video. I think it would be a good idea to consider including an option like that; not only will it bring in extra money from people like me, but, chances are, people who start out with that option will end up paying for a full subscription if they come back often enough.

    Just some food for thought. Thank you Daily Burn! Adios!

    xWandaxWandsx   by: xWandaxWandsx
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    Jeffandailyburn  12 months ago by: Jeffandailyburn

    Hi Wanda,

    Thanks for that suggestion. I'll definitely let the rest of our team know about that idea, so i'd like to thank you for your interest in dailyburn and trying us out and hope we see you again in the future.

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