Looking for an alternative to doing pull-ups in the workouts.

  • We have a really low ceiling in the basement where we workout. Like so low I can't raise my arms straight up without hitting the ceiling. All of the door frame pull-up bars don't work because the trim on the doors goes all the way to the ceiling. Any options short of mounting something to the wall and bending my knees when I do the pull-ups?

    russellhess   by: russellhess
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    buckry  over 3 years ago by: buckry

    A workout I did a few days ago suggested doing something called a rowboat. You bend your knees while standing and pump your arms back and forth. It's obviously a lot easier than actual pullups, but I was able to do about 60 of them and I definitely felt a burn in my biceps when I was finished.

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    andysmith  over 3 years ago by: andysmith

    You could do the dumbbell modification, but I'm with you... I want to do pull-ups!

    At my old house I mounted a really high quality pull-up bar and really loved it. I got it from http://studbarpullup.com

    It's really durable and high quality, but not sure if it will work in your situation because of the low ceiling. I mounted mine to the wall, though (see the mounting options).

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    jojoleb  over 2 years ago by: jojoleb

    Two variations come to mind:
    1) You can do lats using an exercise band, as nacs0803 stated. Pick a band band that will challenge you (it will take some experimentation to select the band with the right tension). Using a door attachment placed high on the door frame (or with the door attachment looped from a roof mount (you could use the TRX roof mount or heavyduty hook from a hardware store)

    2) You could use a suspension trainer such as the Jungle Gym (Lifeline USA) or TRX (there are now many others of varying prices) connected to a door or a roofmount and do body rows (like pull ups, but with the feet staying on the ground). You adjust the tension by changing the position of your feet.

    Alternatively, there are pull up bars that have permanent clips that stay on the inside of the door frame. Some are designed to slip in and out, so that the bar doesn't have to be there when you aren't exercising.

    Lifeline USA sells something called a Power Chin Up. Basically, these are two handles that are held in place atop the door frame when the door is closed. (http://www.lifelineusa.com/pr...). It retails at about 15 bucks--which seems like a lot for something that small, but it really does work. The pull up/chin up experience isn't perfectly like a pull-up bar, but it's in and out of the door in seconds and it does work. (Also, it is very portable, for travel)

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