Looking for brand names of protein shakes that people are using that substitute for the Daily Burn Fuel? Suggestions please?

  • I was wondering what people are using for protein shakes. I have started looking around and seem not to be able to find a shake that meets the ignite requirements. Brands? Any suggestions.

    Karen64   by: Karen64
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    katosphere  2 months ago by: katosphere

    I haven't found a flavored one that I like yet, so I've been sticking with NOWFoods Pea Protein. It is REALLY inexpensive and doesn't interfere with the flavors of other ingredients, to my taste. It doesn't have any of the added vitamins and minerals and stuff that some other powders offer. But I can afford to keep it around, and don't mind drinking it every day, unlike some of the vanilla and stevia flavored things I've had to force myself to choke down.

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    lizkiri  about 1 month ago by: lizkiri

    I take the shakes from isagenix, its made from whey insead of soy and I've had great results. check out my website @ strive-for-change .isagenix .com

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