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  • I am new here, age 51, female and weigh 240 pounds with a ton of medical issues that deter me. I also have a very active mind that doesn't match a active body lol NOT YET ANYWAY and I get bored easily so looking for a true addiction here. I'm addicted to playing Sims that is my only addiction. I'm a positive type person but have a lazy bone from all the pain I've lived with and need to undo that lazy bone. Looking for friends that can relate in any way and would like encouragement as well. I've started using the magic bullet I love drinking my food, I'm not that big of a eater oddly. I can get trapped in helping others more than I do myself so I need a friend that is stubborn because I am too lol. I LOVE TO LAUGH and I have a very open free spirit personality.

    barefootsoul   by: barefootsoul
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    KendraDailyBurn  about 1 year ago by: KendraDailyBurn

    How's it going?!? How are you feeling?

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