Losing Weight too fast?

  • I've been working out with Daily Burn for 15 days and been on Ignite for 7 days. I have lost 15 pounds already, which would be about a pound a day. I don't know if maybe I over-estimated my starting weight or what but that just seems like A LOT in a short amount of time. Is this normal? I've always eaten a lot of sugar and processed foods until ignite. Am I losing too fast? I don't feel hungry and I eat three meals a day plus snacks.

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    So first, I'll say the usual caveat that I'm not a doctor and of course if you're concerned, the best way to make sure nothing is wrong is to see one. But in my amateur experience, I'd say a couple of things.

    First, it is completely normal to lose weight quickly when you first make big lifestyle changes like exercising regularly and drastically altering your diet. (Especially when you do those at the same time.) How quickly people lose weight also depends quite a bit on how much they weigh. People with more extra weight lose it more quickly than those with fewer extra pounds.

    Second, you said you might have over-estimated your starting weight. If you aren't or weren't using the same scale, or if you just guessed your starting weight, then of course it's possible there were some discrepancies.

    I'd also recommend that in addition to weighing yourself, you take regular measurements since I'm sure you'll start to level off on your weight loss and might even go through periods where you'll plateau or even gain a couple of pounds due to gaining muscle, and having measurements can help you see that you'll probably be toning up and getting smaller, even if the scale isn't budging, which can help you keep from getting discouraged.

    All that aside, kudos for making such big changes for your health, and stick with it! It is totally worth it.

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