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    2. What's your favorite part about DailyBurn?

    andysmith   by: andysmith
  • 7 votes
    buckry  about 2 years ago by: buckry

    1. I've lost 17 pounds by doing at least 1 video a day! I've been able to really see a difference in my endurance, long days at work are nothing now.
    2. The best part of Daily Burn is the variety of videos. You can easily do a different video every single day of the week, and even if you want to focus on the same muscle groups you can still get enough variety to keep your workout interesting. My second favorite part is the cool downs at the end of every video. I usually don't take the time to do a good cool down, but since it's part of the video I do it every single time, and I don't think I've really been sore once since I started in January. I love that.

    • codemonkey2841
      codemonkey2841 about 2 years ago

      congrats man! that's a heck of an improvement.

    • MasonBendewald
      MasonBendewald about 2 years ago

      Buck keep up the great work. Love hearing you are digging the variety and getting awesome results so quickly - and I'm really pleased to hear you're listening to the trainers and getting a great recovery/cool down - there's a lot of magic in those last 10 mins! Keep us posted.

  • 4 votes
    Bathsheba  about 2 years ago by: Bathsheba

    I am a new mom, full time researcher and PhD candidate. My days are packed. I wanted something that would be FUN. So fun, in fact, that it could compel me out of bed at 5:00 in the morning. I find that this site helps me stick to a routine, think about things like good sleep and cutting out caffeine and dramatically improve my fitness level. Every time I do a new challenge, I see my performance improve....not just the number but the quality, too. Like others here, I love little rewards and badges, so this site truly gives me those boosts I need every day. I have actually incorporated some of these strategies into my writing process to help me stay motivated. Thanks!

    • KateHough
      KateHough about 2 years ago

      Wow, you are seriously busy. It's cool that our point system is helping you get motivated. Our goal is to get people to make a lifestyle change, and it sounds like the positive changes that you have made here are helping you out in other areas of your life. Nice job!

    • MasonBendewald
      MasonBendewald about 2 years ago

      Dear PhD Mom - dang. I feel like a slacker after reading that testimonial. Seriously though it's motivating to hear with all those other important things on your plate you're still taking time to stay healthy and fit. That's not easy - especially at 5am! Thanks for the feedback on what's working at DailyBurn for you - Stay in touch and we'll keep doing our best to keep you on that rockstar routine!

  • 3 votes
    codemonkey2841  about 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    1). I definitely have more energy and, because of the recovery videos, I am almost never sore after a hard workout. While I haven't lost any weight, I can definitely feel a change in my strength and endurance.

    2). My problem with exercise has always been staying interested. Eventually the drudgery of my workouts would get the better of me and I'd either lose intensity or just stop working out completely. With Dailyburn, I get a variety of videos to keep me interested, plus the videos are psuedo-randomly selected each day so it's kind of fun to see what you get to do on any given day.

    Also, I am Bartle's stereotypical Acheiver. If there's a point level or a medal to achieve, I can't help but work towards that goal. The achievement system is top-notch and really pulls me back in when I feel like skipping a day working out.

    • andysmith
      andysmith about 2 years ago

      Cool to hear. It isn't all about weight loss - glad to see that you are feeling more energetic. Great story.

    • MasonBendewald
      MasonBendewald about 2 years ago

      Not being sore is HUGE. Makes it easier to come back the next day and ask for more punishment : ) Glad you like the variety and recovery. At DailyBurn we believe that's a big missing ingredient for most mainstream workouts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - and we like that you're a "achiever"!

  • 3 votes
    lawson  about 2 years ago by: lawson

    I absolutely love the variety of workout videos and diversity of trainers. Every workout is a unique challenge and each trainer gives me that extra motivation to get through the workout and push me just that little bit extra. Even though I felt somewhat uncomfortable during the first week or so (not able to complete all the movements, do all the reps, etc…) - I stuck with it and it's paying off. It's a great feeling to challenge myself by repeating a workout for the 2nd, 3rd time or so and complete a movement with good form and to know I’m getting stronger. It’s also cool to see some of the trainers fight with a movement and push themselves - I connect with that.

    I started my commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle on Jan 1st of this year. Just yesterday I received the Platinum badge for watching my 50th video and achieved the Athlete ranking. Thus far, I have lost 29.4lbs in 10 weeks while using Dailyburn 5-6days per/wk.

    • MasonBendewald
      MasonBendewald about 2 years ago

      Comeon! Lawson that's phenomenal - 30lbs in 10 weeks (I'm spotting you the .6lbs we know you'll get there). Really impressive results proving that by showing up and doing the work you really can make a huge change. Nice work. Keep us posting and eventually we'd love to see your "before" picture and and "after" when you hit your goal weight/physique.

    • lawson
      lawson about 2 years ago

      Thanks! I'm hoping Andy might offer up a spray tan bottle for those 'after' pictures being that I live in Seattle :)

  • 2 votes
    Jewlzm  about 2 years ago by: Jewlzm

    1) So far I have lost 47 pounds (kinda frozen so I have hidden the scale) and almost 9 inches in my waist alone. This is mostly due to dailyburn and their information because I went into this clueless. I started with their tracker just for the tracking of food. Then went to their weightloss workout on the tracker site. The majority of my weight and inches has been since September in which they allowed me onto the Beta videos. Since then its like an addiction. I love trying to keep up with the trainers and pushing myself harder. I have tons more energy and find that if I take a day off of working out Im extremely sluggish. I have been able to start training for a 5K and havent ran since highschool and I can actually do chin-ups... never done those in my life! As for the last part I just have more life to love !!!!

    2) My favorite part of dailyburn is .... all of it. I cant seem to choose just one feature because if it was just the workout videos it would feel incomplete. With the Nutritional info and the feedback on the forums and being able to ask any question and get honest answers from trainers and people who are actually struggling along just like you, it makes it the whole package!

    • lawson
      lawson about 2 years ago

      That's amazing! I'm with you on the chin-ups, I use that one exercise to gauge my increased strength. Took me well into a month just to do one from a dead-hang. Well done!

    • andysmith
      andysmith about 2 years ago

      Glad to hear of your continued progress and appreciate all your activity on the site Jewlzm. Awesome progress.

      Chins are a great indicator of fitness... I would love to see what % of people can do chin-ups... it has to be small. In fact, most of the DailyBurn crew couldn't do pull ups when they were hired and now they can knock them out (of course we do them 5 times a day so that would probably help!).

  • 0 votes
    alijsyed  about 1 month ago by: alijsyed

    After a week of starting with DailyBurn (started with the Yoga program), I'm off my back pain medication and put aside my back brace. I went from barely able to walk to do almost a full recovery. I feel great about myself and can actually tell you I notice an energy difference. I can't wait for a few months of this daily routine I've started to be ready for enjoying the Summer.

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 25 days ago

      This is fantastic! We're so honored to be part of your journey! I'd love to hear how it's going for you. Your story is truly inspirational. Part of my job is sharing these fabulous experiences with the community - there's even the opportunity to appear on our sites, in our videos or commercials. Thank you for your wonderful words - congrats to you!! Cheers, Kendra. Success Stories Manager, success@dailyburn.com

    • alijsyed
      alijsyed 19 days ago

      I absolutely have been doing nothing but raving about DailyBurn.com and all of the amazing things that have happened for me. Before DailyBurn, I was on muscle relaxers and painkillers from a local doctor plus a back brace. One day during work, the back pain was just too much for me and I called it a day by noon. Barely able to move, I left my car at work and took a taxi to another doctor in town. He recommended that I look at the cause instead of a solution for my trouble. This is not something I wanted to hear but I did so because he knew best. He told me to start eating clean (he handed me a book to keep on the subject), he told me to look into Yoga (which I would have otherwise dismissed) and told me to work on losing weight. At the time I was at 230lbs standing at 5'7".

      I found DailyBurn on the net as I looked into Yoga programs on the net. I started thinking about DailyBurn over the restless night of pain. I signed up the next day. I started with the first Yoga session set for me. I could barely do too much but it felt great. I also started eating clean that day as well. After 3 days, I felt so great that I didn't realize I forgot to take my pain meds (my wife used to put it out on the washroom counter for me at night). I was amazed this was the result of Yoga from DailyBurn. By day 5, I abandoned the brace completely (I was still wearing it at work on day 3 and 4).

      Today (about 4 weeks into using DailyBurn) I am proud to clearly give DailyBurn the following credit:
      1) I'm off my meds and off my brace. My "new" doctor was very happy to see I followed his advice.
      2) I regularly do the Yoga sessions but now have added in True Beginner (after week 2 I things).
      3) I went from a size 38" waist to 34". I'm goal setting for 32".
      4) By week 2 I started going to the gym with my wife for a walk on the treadmill. She was amazed I wasn't winded after 15 minutes like she feared. I used to lose my breath walking upstairs at night to say goodnight to my kids. I also started True Beginner sessions out of curiosity and really like the sessions.
      5) By week 4 I could walk\jog for 30 minutes on the machine. I'm hoping to start running by Summer.
      6) People at work say my face and body are changing for the good and I notice after a 9 to 10 hour day at work (I'm a Director of Technology), I'm not tired and ready for a nap.

      I have even started to do some of Cody's sessions on DailyBurn and have tried out Metabolic Maximizer. My goal is to finish the 14 sets by end of June. I'm currently able to finish 7 sets. I also tried out the Bollywood Move session. I have been eyeing my bike for the first time since I bought it. We live in Northern Canada and have some great outdoors waiting to be explored. I haven't been able to take advantage of it because of my weight and lack of self esteem.

      I credit DailyBurn for helping to relieve my back pain, increase my stamina and endurance, and rebuild my self esteem. I'm not afraid of the mirror anymore. I am so happy that I found this website and decided to sign up. I have been telling everyone who listens about the website and the amazing results I have experienced. I can't say enough about the new lease on life you gave me.

      I am now more confident in determining my goals:
      1) To get to my weight in university of 160 lbs.
      2) To be able to run a half marathon before the end of 2014.
      3) To fit into a pair of 32" jeans (something I could do in 1997.

      I hope this helps in understanding my journey so far. I know there is still much to accomplish but I am more than excited about the future. I would be more than willing to help you spread the word about DailyBurn.com. I would also like to come to DailyBurn when I get a chance and thank you all personally. I think the company is awesome and I'm more than willing to fly to you on my own dime to let you all know this.

      Thanks for giving my wife her husband back and my kids their dad back. I'm so excited about life now!

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