Medicine ball or dumbbells? I love Cody's workouts. Should I purchase a medicine ball or just use dumbbells?

  • I went to purchase a medicine ball at a fitness store, and they didn't want to sell me one. They said that they weren't very useful, and tried to sell me a much more expensive set of dumbbells. I can see their point, and am wondering why Cody uses medicine balls instead of dumbbells? Which should I purchase for my workouts?

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    rhmott  over 1 year ago by: rhmott

    I have done the workouts with both. On some moves, you can do a heavier medicine ball than dumbbell without straining or feeling awkward. So, the ball gives you more resistance per move. I don't see the need to purchase from fitness stores. You can find high quality dumb bells, medicine balls, and yoga mats at some of your high end discount chain stores.

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