• A few years ago when I quit smoking, I became addicted to mints. I would pop one when I was stressed, needing an oral fixation or hungry. All mints that I know have either sugar or fake sugar. Anyone have any ideas for a replacement, now it seems that my mouth just tastes blahhh.

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    bohdel  over 1 year ago by: bohdel

    Have you tried adding a sprig of mint to your water? I don't know of any mints (or gum, which I'm missing a little), but I do like to add mint or lemon to tea or water to freshen my breath.

    • bohdel
      bohdel over 1 year ago can freeze the mint or lemons and store them in a freezer bag.

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    mythicalgriffons  over 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons i think these mints and gum are safe because their made with Xylitol which comes from tree bark and isnt on the list of nonos, also its suppose to be good for yer teeth and stuff apparently.

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    kaylaglenn  over 1 year ago by: kaylaglenn

    Xylitol is an artificial sweetener, technically, but it's a pretty inoffensive one. It has a relatively low glycemic index, and a TON of benefits (including better dental health, reduced inflammation, etc). The best Xylitol mints are just pressed Xylitol with some mint oil for flavoring - no other ingredients. That's the route I'd go with, especially since it's CRAZY good for your teeth.

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