My back feels like it is working way more than my core. Normal?

  • Whenever I do the core workouts, specifically ones for the lower core, my back always feels much tighter and more strained than my abs. Am I doing something wrong? Are my abs just so weak that my back is compensating? What can I do to specifically build ab strength without straining my lower back?

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    anjag  over 2 years ago by: anjag

    If you do have a weak core, you will put unnecessary strain on your back if you are not using proper form in the movement. Most often you can continue to do the exercises but shorten the range of motion in the exercise. This will enable you to engage your core and strengthen your abs without putting extra pressure on your back. As your abs get stronger you will be able to increase your range of motion without (hopefully) feeling strain in your lower back. Pay extra attention to the form cues during the core workouts!

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