My breath has gotten horrible! How can I get rid of it?

  • I read online that low carb diets are known for bad breath and introducing carbs will illiminate the problem. I'm on Ignite and can't do that. My husband is noticing it and I need to fix this!!

    SAB42   by: SAB42
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    crb3ll  over 1 year ago by: crb3ll

    The bad breath is a side effect of your body burning fat for energy, and it was a problem for me as well for a while. I started drinking a lot more water and it stopped being a problem. Other possible causes are letting your mouth get too dry and bacteria. Try drinking more water and use something like Listerine once or twice a day and see if it helps. As a last resort you can just add more carbohydrates to your diet, preferably with fruits and vegetables. Hope this helps, good luck!

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    bohdel  over 1 year ago by: bohdel

    Could you add other carbs? As a runner I wasn't willing to get drop carbs on inferno, and haven't had a problem keeping my carbs up while on inferno, and still losing weight.

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    Kaybeezie  over 1 year ago by: Kaybeezie

    Green tea is actually supposed to help naturally with bad breath. Try drinking a cup or two a day.

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    michaelk  over 1 year ago by: michaelk

    Off the top of my head, seems like adding parsley to food can help with breath, beyond that I know very little about Ignite. Good luck and sorry if this doesn't help...

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