My Daily Fuel protein powder has alot of vitamins. Do I still take a multivitamin & fish oil?

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    mythicalgriffons  over 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons

    As far as the fish oil goes you can probly keep taking it, really depends on what your taking it for in the first place. For the multi vitamins, so long as the fuel powder label says 100% of DV or more for each vitamin/mineral or close to it you should be able to stop the multi vitamin. Taking to many vitamins/minerals can actually be bad for you depending on the vitamin/mineral.

    • Jenny5272
      Jenny5272 over 1 year ago

      If taking too many vitamins/minerals can be bad-should essentials and fuel be taken together if they both say they are complete in multivitamins & minerals?

    • mythicalgriffons
      mythicalgriffons over 1 year ago

      I'm gonna say it should be fine since their ment to compliment each other. Most vitamins/minerals are fine to over 100% of DV you just dont want to be taking 300% of some over long periods of time. So say you were taking fuel shakes, essentials, fish oil and extra vitamin D for the winter, you would probly be ok still. Everything in your body is processed thru your kidneys and liver so you want to remeber that when your taking vitamins and minerals. To much of anything canbe bad, vitamins and minerals are no exception, but you have to have pretty high does for them to be bad. You really dont need more then 100% DV though.

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