My DailyBurn Ipad app crashes at least twice before each use; is there an update coming soon?

  • It seems to struggle around the time where they are asking for my current weight. I updated the app a few days ago, and there has been no improvement to crashing.

    todayschef   by: todayschef
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    klavoie2714  over 2 years ago by: klavoie2714

    Me too same thing. Hope it gets better.

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    codemonkey2841  over 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    Have you emailed them about it?

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    musix220  over 2 years ago by: musix220

    Same here. I posted about it before and my post was taken down and I was told to open a ticket. I emailed and no response so far.

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    todayschef  over 2 years ago by: todayschef

    Yes I have sent an email, no response.

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    efrisbee  about 2 years ago by: efrisbee

    Running 2.1.3 on iphone and having similar issues. Once going, it does well. Streaming to AppleTV works great. The DB app has troubles resuming after the workout is interrupted by a call, but after several attempts it will eventually resume.

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    russellhess  almost 2 years ago by: russellhess

    I have a problem sometimes with using Airplay on my AppleTv to stream workouts from the iPad to TV. It seems to drop the connection. I think the problem is my wifi though. It was really annoying with no way to fast forward to where it stopped until I discovered the index feature on the iPad where you can start at any point in the video.

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