My HR monitor said i burned 300 calories, but the end of the workout said 191. should I avg them or go with the monitor?

  • My HR monitor is not connected to DailyBurn. It is the kind with the chest strap and watch. Am I just working harder than the site estimates?

    EricaOwenby1   by: EricaOwenby1
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    JoeyP  about 1 year ago by: JoeyP

    I'm kinda siding with monitor
    The daily burn estimate is just that .... it's an estimate of the average person's calorie burn
    Meaning the average sized ... average health person's rate
    Your monitor is more in line with your metabolic rate and therefore your specific calorie burn
    It's even more acurate if you had to input your weight and maybe other body measurements

    • EricaOwenby1
      EricaOwenby1 10 months ago

      Thanks so much!

    • EricaOwenby1
      EricaOwenby1 10 months ago

      I did enter my height, weight, and age on the monitor. I was kinda leaning that way too. I just found it odd that the numbers were so far apart.

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    TheodoraDailyBurn  about 1 year ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    Hi there! Averaging them will give you a great idea of your calorie burn.

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