My running shoes don't seem to work the best for doing these workouts on the carpet in my basement.Any suggestions on a different type of training shoe?

  • We have a carpeted basement. My New Balance running shoes I use on the treadmill don't do well on a lot of the moves in the DailyBurn workouts because they catch on the carpet. It makes it hard to pivot, etc. Do they make training shoes with less tread that might work better for me?

    russellhess   by: russellhess
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    megsaint  over 2 years ago by: megsaint

    I've always worked out barefoot if I'm on carpet. After years of martial arts training, working out in shoes just seems weird unless I'm running. That might not work for everyone but I've always found it much more comfortable.

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    andysmith  over 2 years ago by: andysmith

    I did one workout on the carpet (box and burn), and agree it is harder. You could try things like converse all-stars (chuck taylors), as those will have less tread. You could also try putting a yoga mat down.

    I'd be interested to see what others have done though.

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    chauncey  over 2 years ago by: chauncey

    I also just go barefoot. It's more comfortable than wearing shoes and you can control your movements much better.

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    codemonkey2841  over 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    I wear Vibram Five Fingers to workout in regardless of the workout or surface. They're really weird to get used to, but sooooo comfortable once you do.

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    pollis82  over 2 years ago by: pollis82

    I've been reading about this a lot and what I found out with sports doctors and online is that with this type of workout what you should be looking for is support (on your ankles) and "cushion" on your heels, running shoes have a little bit of those but not as much support in ankles as you whished for this. Try finding tennis shoes for "cross training", the newest most expensive ones are the new reeboks but there are plenty of last season that you can get for $50-70... don't expect $20 shoes to protect your feet and knees!!!

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    GaryK  about 2 years ago by: GaryK

    I had the same issue what worked for me depended on the work out. For the work outs like the "Box & Burn" I had an old office mat (You know the plastic mats that go under office chairs so they can roll on carpet) It worked like a charm. I now keep that handy by my work out space. Other than that I have done the Tabata and similar work outs with bare feet or my cross trainers (Adidas Climacools) and I've been very happy. Obviously anything that requires weights I feel more comfortable in work out shoes.

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