My stomach is where all my fat is what is the best work out that does the most for that?

  • my kids came along and I lost myself but mostly all belly it almost does not seem like my legs and arms belong on me ? I am really scared for extra skin to I seen people who had drastic weight loss with all this loose skin, that is my biggest fear !!!

    sflores   by: sflores
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    anjag  about 2 years ago by: anjag

    The best workout is one that includes both cardio and strength as many of our workouts here on DB do! There is not "spot reducing" just hard work that will start to melt the fat everywhere and changing your body! There are a bunch of different types of workouts here. I encourage you to pick a style you like and get goin to a new you :)

    • healthguru91
      healthguru91 10 months ago

      Would an hour long DB yoga workout do the trick as well?

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