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  • My job provides me with an iPad and I wanted to load the dailyburn app so that I could workout at work, however I can't seem to find the app. When I go to dailyburns main page it asks if I want the app, I say yes but the app store does not have it. I was wondering if this is because I live in Mexico or if theres another reason. If it is because I live in Mexico then could someone from dailyburn please fix that and
    Make it available for me?

    misssandy   by: misssandy
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    Anthony  about 2 years ago by: Anthony

    Unfortunately, there are several countries, including Mexico, that we don't have our apps available in for tax reasons. The only way to bypass this would be to have an iTunes account from a different market.

    • misssandy
      misssandy about 2 years ago

      I was afraid it was something like that. And I'm assuming since its a tax issue that won't be changing anytime soon? Thanks for the quick reply.

    • Anthony
      Anthony about 2 years ago

      I can't say for sure, but most likely won't be changing anytime soon.

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    Maaike  about 2 years ago by: Maaike

    Ah, that's too bad! But hey, iTunes accounts are free, right? So you can just get another one? One that's from the USA?

    Here's some information about how to do so:

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