new to Daily Burn- doing the dance program but not sure where to go next- getting married and want to tone up/slim down. Suggestions?

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    SisinellyH  over 1 year ago by: SisinellyH

    I joined Daily Burn right after I got engaged for the same reason! I did the 12 week Cardio Sculpt program which was amazing since it covered everything- toning and weight loss. The first time around I lost 25 lbs, even with only minor diet changes. I just restarted Cardio Sculpt for a second time and am seeing a HUGE improvement in my overall tone, strength and stamina. Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    Congrats on the wedding!! How bout you try Cardio Sculpt, TBT or Inferno :))

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    carolperry75  over 1 year ago by: carolperry75

    Tactical bodyweight training by'll change your life :) start with metabolic metabalizer. And of course some restorative yoga every night. Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!

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    keairal  over 1 year ago by: keairal

    Congrats on the wedding!!! That's super exciting! I would suggest along with your dancing that you add some inferno and TBT! All of those will give you awesome results!

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    linainverse  over 1 year ago by: linainverse

    I have been doing move and I love it! My advice if you want to spice it up: click on the discover button and you can try any workout from any program, the 15 minute workouts are great, as are the trainers' own 9 minute workouts. Also try Kicking it With Keaira, that's one of my new favourite workouts, I think it's from the cardio sculpt program.

    Have fun!

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