• I am new here, just signed up for the free trial. I'd like to know how much community support is here, and also ...
    Can I change my workout start date..? I can't find where to change it.

    fitgrammy   by: fitgrammy
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    Acidique  about 1 year ago by: Acidique

    Welcome, both of you! Honestly, the community here is kind of touch and go. There are some really helpful people that answer questions as they can, but there's no guarantee when they're around. The DailyBurn support staff answers sometimes as well, but I don't thing there's enough of them to support the influx of new people. Often their answers seems sort of canned, but not always. I think this site has a lot of potential, but it almost seems like they launched a little too soon. There are parts that feel unfinished. I certainly have seen results from my personal exercise routine on here, and so I have stayed past the trial. It's worth a try for sure. I am hoping in time they catch up with what they are actually trying to do. If they do, it will be a great site.

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    TaliD  about 1 year ago by: TaliD

    While milling around the site looking at various articles, I found somewhere that it said you can't currently change the start date. If you are looking to start over at day one, though, you can join a new program, leave it, and rejoin your original program which will put you back at the start.

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