Newbie Questions: How do you use your Daily Burn?

  • I used the daily burn tracker before, but trying out the new daily burn as part of my new years resolution to work out more. I'm just getting started with the site so wanted to hear how people are using it?

    Do the workout Videos rotate for you? If you only make it half way through a video will it switch to a new one the next day or do you have to finish the first one? Will it keep on the same category of workout or rotate that as well?

    I like the interactive challenges with the workout Videos where you enter in your results, but how do the Nutritional Challenges work? I joined the Caffeine challenge, but how do I enter in results like skipped my morning Jo, but had my ice tea for lunch?

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    Anthony  over 3 years ago by: Anthony

    Welcome aboard! Each day, you'll see 4 personalized videos for you to choose from. These 4 videos are selected from our video database and are based upon the goals you set up on the signup questionnaire, as well as your progress. Overtime, Intelliburn begins to learn more about your preferences and goals, and selects videos based off of this.
    For the Nutritional Challenges, there is no area for results. At the end of the challenge, which lasts 7 days, you either answer "Yes" or "No' , depending on whether or not you succeeded with the week's challenge. By skipping that coffee this morning, it sounds like you're still going strong for this week's challenge.....assuming that iced tea you had for lunch was decaf :-)

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