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  • I just completed the True Beginner program. I have knee pain so squats and lunges are difficult for me; but, I was able to get through. Does any one have a recommendation for the next program? I was thinking Cardio Sculpt.

    erineh83   by: erineh83
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    GalacticHero  about 1 year ago by: GalacticHero

    I'm in the same boat and took the staff recommendation to try Cardio Sculpt next. I just finished the second week. It is certainly challenging, but each workout has one of the presenters doing a modified (easier) version. So, by following the easier version where I need to and not worrying if my pace is not always up to theirs I am making it through the sessions and improving.

    • bljr79
      bljr79 10 months ago

      I did true beginner 2 times through in order to drop some more weight so the next step wouldn't be so difficult on my body and I am gad I did. after 2 times through I moved to cardio sculpt and it is now easier to do.

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    joeybn24  about 1 year ago by: joeybn24

    I also have knee issues. I am currently doing the DBK (kettlebell training program). I have knee support sleeves that I bought and I have to say, I have not had any knee pain at all with these workouts! Best of luck to you! ~Joey

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