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  • I have XBOX 360 Kinect and when I search for the DB app it is nowhere to be found. I even reset the xbox and re-downloaded and searched for updates, still nothing. QUESTION .... XBOX has a FREE membership and GOLD paid membership, I have FREE, Im not paying for GOLD membership as well as for DB. Any suggestions or where I can find the DB App for XBOX 360? Thanks

    trinityice   by: trinityice
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    eabrandon  over 1 year ago by: eabrandon

    You can also go to Bing search on the home screen, say "bing dailyburn", and it will come up.

    • bacongravy
      bacongravy 4 months ago

      This worked for me. Couldn't find DB in the Xbox 360 Apps (browse or search), but it came up fine in Bing search

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