No weight change on Ignite 2 weeks in

  • I'm on Day 13. I'm pretty proud of myself to have not slipped once, exercising every day (very stiff!) and although I fee better (less bloating, sleeping better, more energised, less stressed), which is enough motivation to help me get through the last week, I didn't see any change in the mirror. I gave in and jumped on the scales today and I haven't lost any weight. My muscle and fat percentage haven't even changed.
    I've always had problems losing weight, so as you can imagine this has gotten me a bit down. Going to keep trying as it feels like I'm doing everything right.
    Only thing I can think of:
    - Maybe I'm using too much good oils? Too much of a good thing?

    Odyssia   by: Odyssia
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    Maryjane828  about 1 year ago by: Maryjane828

    Don't give up! It takes a long time for our health and fitness level to get to a place where we decide to do something about it, so it's not going to just fly off over night. Stick in there and make adjustment where needed, if you feel you are having too much fat maybe try to cut down a bit and see if that changes the situation. Good luck!

    • kaseyc1988
      kaseyc1988 about 1 year ago

      I have body fat calipers- i do not use the scales that "measure" body fat- because I find them inaccurate. You can get the calipers on I also measure myself. I have always found more encouragement by the measurements/body fat calculation than the actual scale. I have always been really muscular- which doesn't really look great on the scale.

    • Odyssia
      Odyssia about 1 year ago

      Thanks guys, yeah I'm feeling stronger and a bit firmer so I'm going to ignore the scales for the moment.

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    lolliedotcom  about 1 year ago by: lolliedotcom

    What are you eating? How often? I knew a female professional body builder who had been overweight. I asked her what she did. She counted her calories burned, and ingested to keep her mean at 1350. On days she burned 500 calories that meant she had to eat 1850 calories. She ate fist sized carb and fist sized protein with healthy fats as often as it took to reach her calorie goals. I took off 136 pounds following her program and then put back on 30 so now I'm back on track and losing again. :) Oh yeah and the best thing about the daily burn is changing your workout daily keeps you burning maximum calories. It's perfect for me.

    • Odyssia
      Odyssia about 1 year ago

      I've been avoiding all the things I should on Ignite. My meals comprise of veggies, usually chicken (I can't eat red meat), coconut cream if I feel like something a bit creamy and sometimes eggs or some brown rice.

      I hadn't been counting calories because Ignite said I didn't need to. Just been using the Ignite app.

      I'm eating within the first hour of waking up (8ish) then for lunch (12ish), snack (3.30ish) and dinner (7.30ish). Sometimes if I'm hungry I'll fit another snack into the day.

    • lolliedotcom
      lolliedotcom about 1 year ago

      If that works for you then that's great. The only way I was able to take off 136 pounds of excess fat was to count my calories burned and ingested and keep them in the optimal fat burning range.... you may not know this, but when we under eat too much, our body thinks we're in a famine and it slows calorie burn to a crawl..... It was as hard for me to eat enough as it was for me not to eat too much.... After two years of maintenance I quit counting calories, thought I could do it on my own, and I gained back 36 pounds so fast it hurt my head. I am now back to tracking all calories in and out at livestrongs daily plate. And I'm losing again. :)

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    j4peace  about 1 year ago by: j4peace

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