No weight change on Ignite 2 weeks in

  • I'm on Day 13. I'm pretty proud of myself to have not slipped once, exercising every day (very stiff!) and although I fee better (less bloating, sleeping better, more energised, less stressed), which is enough motivation to help me get through the last week, I didn't see any change in the mirror. I gave in and jumped on the scales today and I haven't lost any weight. My muscle and fat percentage haven't even changed.
    I've always had problems losing weight, so as you can imagine this has gotten me a bit down. Going to keep trying as it feels like I'm doing everything right.
    Only thing I can think of:
    - Maybe I'm using too much good oils? Too much of a good thing?

    Odyssia   by: Odyssia
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    j4peace  about 2 years ago by: j4peace

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